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Persuasive IT Consultancy for Businesses To Secure Your Company’s shining Future

Our IT consulting services are perfectly tailored to the specific needs of your business and offer technical advice and strategic guidance to help you plan and implement systems that support your organization as it grows.

Totality Services is a full-service IT solutions company with professional IT consultants knowing, visioning, and advising small businesses on maximizing IT investment and minimizing costs, inefficiencies, and time.

IT Consultancy

Our IT consultancy services are fully tailored to the specific needs of your business, providing strategic guidance and tactical advice to help you plan and implement the systems that will support your organisation as it grows.

Totality services is a full-service IT solutions company, and our specialist IT consultants have the depth and breadth of knowledge, vision and integrity to advise small and medium-size business on how to maximise their investment in IT and minimise their costs, inefficiencies and operational timelines

Cyber Security Consultancy

Many small and medium-sized businesses believe that they simply don’t have systems or data worth hacking.
But, according to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) here in the UK, those very businesses were subject to almost 10,000 cyberattacks a day in 2019 – that’s one in five small firms, many London-based businesses amongst them – with the annual cost of such attacks totaling around £4.5 billion.
Using various methodologies, our aim is to make security second nature to your people, a key part of your business process and fundamental to your IT infrastructure.

 Education Sector Consultancy

In a recent report ‘Realising the potential of technology in education: A strategy for education providers and the technology industry,’ the UK’s then-Secretary of State for Education said, ’Although within the education sector it will never replace the role of our great teachers, I believe technology can be an effective tool to help reduce workload, increase efficiencies, engage students and communities, and provide tools to support excellent teaching and raise student attainment.’

IT Support for the Professional Services Sector

Let us deliver the wide range of tailored capabilities your London-based professional services firm needs…
*from advice, consultancy, design and development to procurement, implementation and support.
In a wide range IT related disciplines for the professional services sector including…
*network design, cyber security, disaster recovery, data centre hosting, cloud computing, system relocation, upgrades and migrations or telecoms.
The result is that we keep your IT infrastructure working, so your people can keep working with best-in-class, best-fit technology, practices and support.

E-learning Support

Whether it’s Instructional, End User or Application Support, we can tailor fit a Moodle support package to your requirements. Support can be offered hourly, monthly or annually. All Virtual Slate and Moodle hosting includes both 24/7 web and phone support.

Cross-Platform Data

Coming soon…

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